Blackhorse Bridge Development: Planning Committee C meeting 30th June 2016.


Planning Committee C meeting on 30th June 2016

In 2015 Shurgard submitted a planning application to build a storage facility on the site of Trophy House, by Blackhorse Bridge. Lewisham Planning Officers received no local opposition to the 2015 proposal but rejected it for various reasons including allowances for access under Blackhorse Bridge. The developer then submitted another application in 2016 which took into account Lewisham Planning’s notes. Whilst submitting the 2016 application the developer also appealed the council’s decision on the 2015 application (a tactic known as “twin-tracking“). The Planning Inspectorate could see no local opposition or no reason to reject it so the 2015 development was granted full planning permission on June 2nd 2016. This means Shurgard can now build the far worse 2015 proposal, rejected by LBL planning officers, should they wish to (images below).

Meanwhile, representatives from DeptfordFolk and Lewisham Cyclists attended Planning Committee C on May 19th  to object to the developers second application (2016) and got to speak for 5 minutes. As a result of this, the committee deferred the decision and asked Shurgard to meet with DeptfordFolk and Lewisham Cyclists to find a compromise.

DeptfordFolk and Lewisham Cyclists met with Shurgard and gained some concessions on the landscaping in front of the development with a view to opening the route under Blackhorse Bridge for cyclists and pedestrians. The long therm goal is to re-open Canal Approach, and allow the creation of a safe way to cross Evelyn Street and improve connectivity not just for local people but across North Lewisham

Despite the many objections on the grounds of heritage, job creation and the impact of this development on our neighbourhood DeptfordFolk now has to support the 2016 application with the concessions on the external landscaping. If DeptfordFolk continues to oppose Shurgard’s 2016 proposal they will probably decide to build the 2015 proposal for which they have been granted full planning permission.

If you opposed the 2016 development you will have received a letter inviting you to the Planning Committee C meeting on 30th June 2016. DeptfordFolk will attend and support the 2016 proposal on the proviso that the changes agreed are included in the application.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a comment and to the people who attended the Planning Committee meeting in May.   DeptfordFolk will send an update on the outcome of the 2016 Shurgard proposal after Planning Committee C meeting on June 30th.

Have your say on your local green spaces – 13th February 2-5pm

At 2.15 Magic Book Theatre presents “Conchita, the Oldest Tortoise in the World” for the child in us all. A story of evolution.

Get your face painted!

A showing of the BBC documentary on the history of Deptford High Street. At 4pm entertainment from Mazaika. Gipsy, Tango, Folk Duo. Deptford Working Histories info Stall, Artists to realise your creative vision for the surrounding open spaces. Children, help design your ideal playground; Young People, tell us what kind of places you would like to hang out in.

Free refreshments available.

All the information gathered will feed into a Neighbourhood Plan which will have statutory influence on development plans for the area in the future. To become a member of this growing group go to our sign up form or at the event.

2pm – 5pm
21 MacMillan Street (corner Creek Road)
London SE8 3EZ

Public Meeting Wednesday 9th December: Waldron Health Centre,7pm

Thank you to all those who participated in DNA ‘s last public meeting, the Economy for Common Good for their presentation,  and Community Action Centre for hosting us

Deptford Neighbourhood Action’s next public meeting is taking place on Wednesday 9th December 7pm start, we will be at The Waldron Health Centre,  Suite 1 Ground Floor, Amersham Vale, SE14.

Agenda to follow.

All are welcome.

Find the centre

A brief introduction to Neighbourhood Planning from the Locality webpages-

Deptford demographics – information about who lives here

As part of the Neighbourhood plan we have to have some real pieces of information, evidence that what we are asking for has credibility. Our favourite Architect, Andy Belfield, has previously looked up information for the group, and now has created a DRAFT document outlining the communities that make up our Deptford Boundary.

You can click here to go directly to the page at the ESD.GOV site, or download the pdf here.

Map update

Our favourite architect, Andrew Belfield, who happens to be helping with the Neighbourhood plan and map of the boundary, has created a Google map of the boundary to make it easier to move around and see if you are inside the area. It has been put into the constitution page for ease of use.

If you are interested in finding out about the area in detail, Andrew has found a useful resource providing statistics of the population inside the Deptford Neighbourhood Boundary.
Have a look.