Resident Engagement on New Homes – Scrutiny Public Work

Information on an event & online consultation for residents

Lewisham Council’s Housing Select Committee is carrying out a scrutiny review of resident engagement in housing development – the way that local people are informed and involved in the process when new homes are built in their area. 

The review will be looking into how the Council and its partners currently engage with communities around the development of new homes and what has been learned from past engagement exercises.

As part of the review the committee is organising a public workshop with Tenant and Residents’ Associations (TRAs) and other interested residents in the Deptford area, to be held on:

Thursday 3 October 2019, 7.00pm

2000 Community Action Centre, Grove Street, SE8 3PG

This meeting is open to residents and community groups living within the Deptford area. The following TRAs and their members may be particularly interested in attending:

  • Argosy and Lanyard
  • Bence House
  • Colonnade and Terrace
  • Crossfield
  • Daubeney Tower
  • Eddystone Tower
  • Evelyn
  • Hazelwood and Pomona
  • Tanners Hill

This workshop is supported by Lewisham Tenant’s Fund.

If you’re interested in attending please contact John Bardens by phone: 0208 314 9976 or email:

f you’re unable to attend, you can still have your say by submitting your views online by Friday 25 October 2019.

For further information about the review please see the scoping paper and a  presentation from the first evidence session.