A Question for the People of Deptford

Nigel Barrett, Louise Mari and the Deptford Albany and we need your ideas!

Nigel and Louise want to make something for the community that brings people together – what would you make or do if it was you?

For 5 weeks from 20 January to 21 February Nigel and Louise will be hitting the streets of Deptford to get your views, to find out what’s important to you, what you enjoy doing and to find people who want to help us make it happen. You can just tell them your ideas or you can help them to organise it.

It can be a community event, artwork, experience, show, celebration, anything you want – that can take place at the Albany – what do you want it to be?

How do you think Nigel and Louise should decide which idea to do from all the brilliant suggestions? All suggestions welcome.

All the best Nigel Barrett, Louise Mari and the Albany

Get in touch:

Nigel and Louise will be spending time in cafés, pubs, clubs, libraries and fire stations. You can chat to them if you see them or ask them to come to your work, group or community centre.

 Nigel Louise want to hear from people from all ages and backgrounds.

Phone 07448 855 970

Email louise@nigelandlouise.com

Post or drop-in a letter or note FAO Nigel and Louise at the Albany box office

Online you can contribute ideas via our Facebook group.