DNA feedback on NCIL projects sent 27 October 2020

NCIL Priorities

Increase and Protection of Green/Open Spaces/improve Health and Well-being & Improve Air Quality
DNA support the need for an increase in green spaces and for facilities for Young People.

NCIL Feedback

Suggested NCIL Projects:

Turn the Sue Godfrey Nature Park for local young peole by upcycling some of the amenities from Tidemill School playground – namely 3 metal bench seats from Old Tidemill School Playground, and the Polytunnel for growing seeds re-purposed to the Sue Godfrey garden. Financing the project to enable the set up of a natural playground with rope climbing facilities etc like this example but keeping a natural grass surface.

  1. Linked to 1 above and Healthier Living: Sustainable education with Schools across the DNA area – on urban habitats, biodiversity and natural food growing.
  2. Create a walking/cycling route along the Creek going southwards linking Deptford with Brookmill Park, eventually joining the Waterlink Way along the River Ravensbourne to Beckenham Place Park.
  3. Re-provision a multi-use games area onto the Charlottenburg Park (in New Cross Ward) concrete square which isn’t used by anyone – made out of natural materials with soft netting surround – this could be a combined football pitch, tennis court, netball,basketball soft surface play area to re-provison for the loss of the Ball Court on Arklow Rd/Edward Street directly opposite.
  4. Develop a Public Health well-bing hub at the Waldron Health Centre – inspired by the Peckham Experiment (explored by the Pioneer Health Foundation: https://thephf.org/) it is envisaged that this will facilitate collaboration between Lewisham and Greenwich NHS/Local Community Groups – e.g. The Waldron Centre, ETRA, Voicce4Deptford, WeWomen could form the start of such a network. This may include financial support and advice on food projects, Forest Schools, Health and well-being activities etc. And run an annual health survey of health and well-being across the SE8 area.
  5. Green footpath verges, bus stops, walls and structures in the New Cross Area to improve the quality of air, and aid cooling down the planet.
  6. Implement the Healthy Streets Approach using Sustrans to identify transport design solutions to increase the number of one-way streets and or car free green corridors and pedestrian walkways similar to the western half of Douglas Way.