Steering Committee

Andrea Carey – Coordinator

My background is in providing independent advocacy to asylum seekers & refugees; disabled people, older people and looked after children. I have worked for Local Authorities; the British Red Cross and a Community Legal Advice Centre. Currently I Coordinate Deptford Nighbourhood Forum. I am a strong supporter of the Human Rights Act & Children and Young People’s Rights under the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.

As an activist & campaigner, I have spoken publically on a wide range of issues – particulary:

Using Neighbourhood Forums to obtain social justice in relation to planning (especially maintaining and increasing access to open green space and play spaces for young people.  I am a campaigner for more Council Housing; Keep(ing)Our NHS Public; Stop TTIP; & Remaining in the EU.

I love volunteering in Deptford in this role within DNA and working as part of the DNA team – especially working alongside Malcolm Cadman, speaking with independent local businesses on creating the policies for the Local Economy.

Andrea Hughes

Andrea grew up in Tottenham in the fifties and was a teenager through the sixties, when it was invented. She has always followed her interest in how the community shapes and responds to individuals.

As a clinical psychologist, she worked first of all in a psychiatric institution in Wales (horrid) and later on a community team in Lewisham and Greenwich. Our main focus was being part of the closure of hospitals and the new ventures of integrating people who’d been shut away for decades.

30 years ago she was instrumental in founding Entelechy, based at the Albany, which has always promoted arts and a sense of belonging to disadvantaged people.

After retirement from the NHS, Andrea has continued to pursue her ideals about society becoming more equitable and welcoming of difference at Time Bank in Lee Green, various political activities (with a small ‘p’) and a love of working as volunteer in Lewisham’s green spaces, all point to her valuing people, and places without the need for any exchange.

Richard Katona

Richard has lived on the Evelyn Estate in Deptford since 1981.

I come from one of the old Thames-side lighterage families and have lived on the Evelyn Estate in Deptford since 1981.

I studied as a mature student in cultural history in the 1980s (Middlesex) and have postgraduate qualifications in voluntary sector management and governance (Goldsmiths).

My main focus over the last thirty years was as a homelessness worker in both frontline social work and management/governance from 1991 onwards. I have worked extensively in homelessness and disability arts, especially in various forms of theatre.

I retired in 2006. I now spend much time in freelance writing and community volunteering. I see neighbourhood planning as one of the important participatory practices that can come together to empower local voices.”