SOUTH EAST LONDON COMMUNITY ENERGY – Public Event Tuesday 19th December

Fuel poverty affects over 25% of people in London*. Fuel poor households
are unable to afford to heat their homes adequately due to a combination
of three factors: household income, fuel bills and energy efficiency
measures in the home.   Learn about the causes, consequences and how to support those in need.

·       Invitation to an open, public three hour session:

on Tuesday 19th December from 2pm – 5pm

GCDA, Unit 6 Greenwich Centre Business Park, 53 Norman Rd, SE10 9QF.

You will learn:

*        What fuel poverty is, who it affects and how it affects their
*        How to get the best deal for energy bills
*        What assistance is available – locally and nationally;
*        What can be done to save money and energy around the home;
*        Details of schemes which are available specifically to help
vulnerable clients.

Book here:

Or if you want a tailored session for your work team, a stand-alone session or part of a team meeting (20-90 minutes) SELCE can come to your workplace and deliver this to your Organisation:  BUT it must be
delivered before 30th March.

People from other teams/organisations are welcome to join the sessions.

To arrange a session or to ask us for more information please contact us

DNA 1st Draft of Neighbourhood Plan

DNA’s 1st draft of a Neighbourhood Plan for Deptford NP-Roadmap-Pages-web

is being put together from the policies and projects produced by the working groups:

HOUSING – Andy Belfield (Architect – Public Works)

GREEN & OPEN SPACES (Green Infrastructure) – Roo Angell & Vanessa Celosse

LOCAL ECONOMY – Malcolm Cadman & Andrea Carey Fuller

HERITAGE – Richard Katona

HEALTH & WELL-BEING (includes Transport & Air Pollution) – Andrea Hughes

DNA Health & Well Being & Transport Policies final draft 2017_04_10

Draft Policy Green and Open Spaces V5

Draft Housing policies for DNA_Revision 5 – 04_04_2016

DNA Draft Heritage Policy v3.2

EconomicpolicyNPApril2017 – Ver 2