FREE Events coming up at Old Tidemill Garden, Reginald Road, SE8

Events coming up:

Sat 26 May Art and Gentrification walk- details here: the walk will be stopping off at the garden for a picnic and discussion at 12.45 – discussion 1pm-1.30pm.

Sun 3 June12-3pm The big Lunch- Bring a dish/food to share

Sat 9 June1-8pm    Peruvian Fund raiser

Sunday 10 June, 2-5pm– Fix up – Mend day, clothes, bikes, electricals. Clothes swap

Sunday 17 June 12- 6pm fabric dying, magnet making, flower pot painting, plant -collage rubbings and more


GCDA commissioned by Lewisham Public Health, are offering 2-day training on Physical Activity and Healthy Eating exclusively for community groups in the borough.

25th & 26th April 2018  – 10am-4pm (both days)

With a follow up session on 18th May – 10.30-1.30pm

Training will be take place in Forest Hill – EMAIL Fay Williams at to book your place

  • The training will cover essential information on how to deliver first line evidence based advice to increase physical activity levels and healthy eating behaviours with your clients
  • Once trained, you will receive support from GCDA to  help plan and deliver 3 healthy eating and physical activity sessions

Fay Williams (Community Development Nutritionist)

GCDA (Greenwich Co-operative Development Agency)

Unit 6, Greenwich Centre Business Park, 53 Norman Road

Greenwich, SE10 9QF

Tel: 020 8269 4886



Cookery Clubs:

Twitter: @GCDA_UK

GCDA is an accredited Living Wage employer and an awarded supporter of the London Healthy Workplace Charter.


Sun Wharf Development Public Exhibition 24-25th May


Location: Creekside Discovery Centre
Date: Wed 24
th & Thu 25th May, 4-8pm


There is a public exhibition of proposals for the redevelopment of Sun Wharf in Deptford. Since the initial public consultation in 2016 the proposals for Sun Wharf in Deptford have continued to be developed. The evolving plans include a mixture of commercial space intended for affordable artist studios, new homes, a new public square, and opening up a new pedestrian route to Deptford Creek.

The exhibition will be an opportunity to view the details of the plans and leave your feedback. Members of the project team will be in attendance to answer any questions.

Crossfield Open Space Consultation open until 14th May


Location: Deptford Lounge
Date: Until Sunday 14
th May 

Lewisham Council has been working on a master plan that will inform the re-instatement of Crossfield Open Space post Tideway construction. Work will only start after completion of the Thames Tideway Tunnel, however, time for comment and voicing your views is NOW.

>> Lewisham Website Info

In the late 1980s this site was designated as part of the Site of Nature Conservation Importance called St Paul’s churchyard and Crossfield Open Space. At this time the surrounding area supported many other wildlife habitats and green spaces – many of which today no longer exist.

The principal reason for the inclusion of Crossfield Open Space in the designation was the diversity of the grassland and the presence of one species known (at that time) only from here in the Borough, namely Fiddle Dock. Over a 160 species of wildflower live on this site.

CET has proposed the translocation of a proportion of the turf to conserve part of the site for later reinstatement. By doing this and with appropriate management it should be possible to restore this place back to a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation .

Update on Old Tidemill School Garden & Site:

Response to Jeff Endean, Sara Caton Council Officers & Steve Burton of SherryGreen Homes – sent on 9th May 2017:

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to meet with us since the deferment of this planning application on 29th September.   We were glad of the opportunity to engage with you, and the Developers and Architects as a result of the Councillors supporting the Community’s request for a Deferment in order for you to address the concerns raised regarding this site.

Having considered your new ‘design’ proposals for the open spaces on the Old Tidemill School site extensively, we feel that your efforts to ‘compensate’ for the loss of the former school garden’ are inadequate and something that we are simply unable to support. The Garden is just too valuable an asset for Deptford to lose, and what you are offering as an alternative, which amounts to nothing more than a highly designed pathway, between Reginald Road and Frankham Street is woefully insufficient.


We believe that the Garden, or in the minimum at least a substantial portion of it (85-90%) can, and must be accommodated within the current plans for the on-site development. Sadly, you have made it very clear that this is not something you are prepared to even consider. A re-hash of old plans for a couple of open public spaces, and re-designation of community land to private land on the Site, is not acceptable to the Community, and does not constitute genuine consultation.

We feel strongly that what has been offered is not an opportunity for the community to truly collaborate, as the design proposals are, in reality only for a small strip of public realm (as described above).   We are disappointed that there has not been a real debate about the future use of the garden. Thus, we feel further meetings would realistically be in nobody’s best interests. That being said, we would be more than happy to meet with you again if you are willing to look again at the spaces on the Site with the Community to agree where the new housing builds could go in order to save 85-90% of the wildlife/nature garden.

Finally, and leaving aside the issue of outstanding information, much of which we have now received (we will be in contact later this week regarding any outstanding points raised to date), we hope that it will be possible for constructive lines of communication via email to remain open. This is important to us, as we have not given up on the hope of reaching a genuine solution to the problems surrounding the Tidemills development before a return to the Strategic Planning Committee.

Voice4Deptford Meeting 7th February 2017

A reminder of the 5th Voice4Deptford Public Meeting, on Tuesday 7th February 2017 – 7.00pm to 9.00pm.
Venue: Armada Centre, Deptford.
Representatives of the Paxton School, have accepted an invitation to attend.
They a bidding for the Primary School, on Convoys Wharf, as Free/Academy.
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