Crossfield Open Space Consultation open until 14th May


Location: Deptford Lounge
Date: Until Sunday 14
th May 

Lewisham Council has been working on a master plan that will inform the re-instatement of Crossfield Open Space post Tideway construction. Work will only start after completion of the Thames Tideway Tunnel, however, time for comment and voicing your views is NOW.

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In the late 1980s this site was designated as part of the Site of Nature Conservation Importance called St Paul’s churchyard and Crossfield Open Space. At this time the surrounding area supported many other wildlife habitats and green spaces – many of which today no longer exist.

The principal reason for the inclusion of Crossfield Open Space in the designation was the diversity of the grassland and the presence of one species known (at that time) only from here in the Borough, namely Fiddle Dock. Over a 160 species of wildflower live on this site.

CET has proposed the translocation of a proportion of the turf to conserve part of the site for later reinstatement. By doing this and with appropriate management it should be possible to restore this place back to a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation .

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