Neighbourhood Plan

The full version of the plan can be downloaded as a compressed file here or reviewed until Wednesday 18th December 2019 at Pepys Resource Centre, Old Library, Deptford Strand, London, SE8 3BA open 10.00 am – 3.00 pm Mondays and Wednesdays.

The following working groups were created as an outcome of the IAGM:

  1. Green & Open Spaces
  2. Housing
  3. Economy and employment
  4. Health & well-being
  5. Heritage & local identity

Each working group meet and collaborate with other volunteers to produce this first draft.

DNA 1st Draft of Neighbourhood Plan

DNA’s 1st draft of a Neighbourhood Plan for Deptford NP-Roadmap-Pages-web is being put together from the policies and projects produced by the working groups:

  • HOUSING – Andy Belfield (Architect – Public Works)
  • GREEN & OPEN SPACES (Green Infrastructure) – Roo Angell & Vanessa Celosse
  • LOCAL ECONOMY – Malcolm Cadman & Andrea Carey Fuller
  • HERITAGE – Richard Katona
  • HEALTH & WELL-BEING (includes Transport & Air Pollution) – Andrea Hughes

Download the DNA Health & Well-being & Transport Policies Final Draft 2017

Download the Draft Policy Green and Open Spaces V5

Download the Draft Housing policies for DNA_Revision 5 – 04_04_2016

Download the DNA Draft Heritage Policy v3.2

Download the EconomicpolicyNPApril2017 – Ver 2