Local people told us to….
PROMOTE and PROTECT all forms of Deptford Heritage and Identities and
PROMOTE and DEVELOP places for all creative communities to flourish.


Heritage: Key policies and points


AECOM Deptford Heritage and Character Assessment

Landscape character assessment is a process used to describe and articulate what is special and distinctive about a particular place by identifying recognisable patterns of elements or characteristics that make one landscape different from another.

This report presents a summary of the history and character of Deptford within the borough of Lewisham. It has been prepared by consultants at AECOM on behalf of Locality, working closely with the Deptford Neighbourhood Action Neighbourhood Forum (DNA) and is based on a detailed appraisal of the area carried out through desk
study and fieldwork. Download the report here (16 KB).

DNA Analysis of the AECOM Report

Download here (141 KB).

LH 1: Local Heritage and Identities

a. Development is required to respect and enhance the character and identities of Designated and Non-designated Heritage Assets – visible, hidden or lost – in the town-, land- and riverscapes of Deptford (both above and below ground /water level).
Applicants are expected to demonstrate in their design approach:

1) A deep understanding of the current, recent and past narratives connected to building, site, street, public realm and landscape, and
2) positively reflect on the character and identities of the neighbourhood.

a) Available information on for instance ‘Listed Buildings and Structures’, Area Character Assessment studies, Conservation Area Character Appraisals, Building Height Strategies, Design Codes, Masterplans as well as site history and archaeological investigations are expected to be absorbed, further detailed, expressed and reflected upon in the design approach and design of the development.

b) Development is expected to demonstrate and detail this in the required Design and Access Statement, Heritage Statement and other required documentation as defined by the Local Information Requirements 2016 and future updates . Development that engages with local makers, arts and cultural institutions and artists in this work is supported.

LH 2: Local Identities and public spaces (CIL-Priority)

Development is required to enhance and financially contribute to the enhancement of public spaces and public realm including the river frontages while positively reflecting on the heritage, the character and the cultural identities of Deptford. Public spaces and realm are considered to be those parts of an urban area (whether publicly- or privately-owned) located between, surrounding and within buildings that are publicly accessible, including streets, quays, squares, forecourts and open and water spaces. The public realm is an important aspect of any development and ensures that the development is integrated into and enhances the existing character and use of the area. Signage informing about the identity of the ancient and historic town of Deptford is one simple example in this regard. DNA further strongly supports the re-positioning of the ‘High Street anchor’ in the high street and the Deptford Dockyard clocktower (currently in Thamesmead) in or very near its original position.

LH 3: DNA promotes the establishment of a Deptford Heritage Hub highly accessibly and located near or on the River Thames (CIL-Priority)

The Heritage Hub must contribute to the enhancement, preservation and protection of special, local character of Deptford in all its features, including architecture, heritage artefacts, and the town and waterscapes (both above and below ground). The Hub must recognise and celebrate past and current life on the tidal River Thames, the changing nature of residential neighbourhoods, centres of trade, industry, culture and where possible supporting the sensitive restoration of heritage assets. This may include a local history centre and archive open to the public. Given the national significance of Deptford and its proximity to major tourism attractions in walking distance (Greenwich) positive impacts can be amplified through locating the Deptford Heritage Hub where it all began: Near or on the river Thames.