Locality Report

Who are Locality?

Locality are the national network supporting community organisations to be strong and successful.

Locality is a national network of community led organisation whose aim is to change the world one neighbourhood at a time. They encourage community organisations to be powerful. Locality are the country’s leading experts in community owned land and buildings. They set up community and run community enterprises with profits from community businesses reinvested into the local community. Through their network of community organisations, they listen to what local people say. They help local people improve and take more control their neighbourhoods by creating new jobs and opportunities within their community.

Findings from the Commission on the Future of Localism

Our Commission seeks to inject new life into the localism agenda. Action across the four domains of localism identified by our Commission – institutions, powers, relationships and community capacity – is required to harness the power of community and create the environment for localism to thrive. need a new power partnership between local government and local people to unlock the potential of localism. need national government to show leadership in setting the conditions for localism to flourish

The report highlights how decisions that will directly affect local are in the hands of central government and makes recommendations on how to address this. Read More.