DNA AGM 2018 Saturday 17 November 2pm – 4pm Pepys Resource Centre

Outcomes of the DNA AGM 2018 Nominations for Committee posts: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Media Officer, Secretary/Co-ordinator, Working Group representatives.

The Newly Elected DNA Steering Group are:

Chair: Joyce Jacca
Vice-Chair: Richard Katona (& Heritage lead)
Secretary/Coordinator: Andrea Carey Fuller ( & joint local economy lead)
Treasurer: Luciana Duailibe
Media Officer/Communications interim: Vanessa Celosse ( & Joint Green  Infrastructure lead)

Steering Group members:
Roo Angell – Green & Open Spaces
Andrea Hughes – Health & well-being lead
Andy Belfield – Housing Group Lead
Gary Williams – Green & Open Spaces & Local Economy group
Syreeta Jacca – Steering Commiittee general member
Dr. Mireille Tchapi – Research fellow- Sustainable Urbanism, University of Westminster
Malcolm Cadman – Co-opted DNA Advisor & Local Economy lead
Marion Briggs – Co-opted DNA Advisor from the Alliance for Childhood – Children & Young People’s issues

We are looking forward to the production of our final draft plan by the end of January 2019 and will be in touch as soon as we have set up our next public meeting which is being planned for late January 2019.

We would also like to bring to your attention two surveys which we think will be of interest to you:



Kind regards,


Our AGM is scheduled for Saturday 17 November 2018 2-4pm at the  Pepys Resource Centre, Deptford Strand – a lovely setting right next to the Thames, and Richard Lee from Just Space will be chairing this year’s AGM.

We strongly encourage anyone with an interest to put themselves forward for a role on the Steering Group and would welcome more volunteers to work in one of the 5 topic areas of the Neighbourhood Plan:

1. Housing;
2. Heritage & local identity;
3. Green & Open Spaces;
4. Deptford’s Economy;
5. Health & well-being

We also need more volunteers to help out at events, communications/social media and to help us take the roadshow out to community groups and tenant resident groups in the DNA area.

Please find a nomination here

Please follow this link to become a member

This year progress has been slower than we anticipated as there has been a 6 month hold up by the Department of Communities and Local Government in sending out the new funding which will provide funding for a consultant to help us with the final draft work before we are able to go out to consultation. A permanent display of the DNA policy themes and ideas is available at the Pepys Resource Centre and we have been trying to get the Council to help us acquire an empty shop in or closer to Deptford High Street for over the past 18 months. We are integral in bringing 28 Deptford High Street back into use and had hoped to have access to using this space as a consultation drop in but unfortunately this didn’t happen.

We would like to highlight to you the enormous amount of work that Voice4Deptford have carried out on gathering local views in order to set out the objections to the first proposed plots on Convoys Wharf.

Voice4Deptford have made it easy for people to object by clicking a variety of buttons relating to different aspects which form an objection letter for you to which you just need to add your personal details and then submit.

We are encouraging people to do this as Convoys forms the largest development in the Deptford Neighbourhood Area – some 3,500 homes which will be built over the next 15-20 years!

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Warm wishes to everyone,

Andrea Hughes Chair
Heather Gilmore Vice Chair
Andrea Carey Fuller Co-ordinator
Luciana Duailibe Treasurer
Joyce Jacca – Steering Group member
Andy Belfield – Working Group Lead Housing
Richard Katona – Working Group Lead for Heritage
Roo Angell – Working Group Co-Lead for Green & Open Spaces
Vanessa Celosse – Working Group Co-Lead for Green & Open Spaces and (interim) Media & Communications
Andrea Carey Fuller & Malcolm Cadman – Working Group Lead for Local Economy
Andrea Hughes – Working Group Lead for Health & Well-being