Open Public Meeting: Convoys Wharf

Hosted by Deptford Neighbourhood Action & Voice 4 Deptford

Learn about Design Codes and how you can influence Convoys Wharf’s design

When? Saturday 19 January 2019

What Time? 10.30AM – 12.30PM

Where? Evelyn Community Centre, Kingfisher Square, Clyde Street, SE8 5TW
Tel: 020 8314 7858. 5 minute walk from Deptford Station.

From the Locality website:

A design code provides detailed design guidance for a site or area; they prescribe design requirements (or ‘rules’) that new development within the specified site or area should follow.

They can include requirements for built form (e.g. setting out a range of building types and how buildings should interact with the street), landscape, open space, and movement (e.g. access and ease of pedestrian movement), etc.

Design codes can vary in their level of requirements and the scale at which they operate, however they will be useful where there is a desire to:
coordinate design outcomes across large or complex sites to deliver a vision that the local community wants to see;

ensure consistency across large sites which may be in multiple ownership and/or where development is to be phased and more than one developer and design team is likely to be involved.

Design codes can provide certainty to the community as they give more confidence that new development coming forward will reflect community wants and needs.

Design codes also give more certainty to developers, as they will be able to design a scheme that is reflective of community aspirations, potentially speeding up the planning application process.

You can find more information on design codes within the Planning Practice Guidance at