Open Public Meetings

Open Public Meeting about Convoys Wharf

Hosted by Deptford Neighbourhood Action and Voice 4 Deptford

Why? Learn about Design Codes and how you can have your say on Convoys Wharf’s design. Please see below for a brief description of what a design code is.

When? Saturday 19th January 2019

What time? 10.30 am – 12.30 pm

Where? Evelyn Community Centre, Kingfisher Square, Clyde Street, LONDON SE8 5TW
Tel: 020 8314 7858

Nearest Station: Deptford Station. 5 minute walk.

What are Design Codes?

The Design Code is an essential document that outlines rules and requirements on how new developments in the UK should be undertaken. They consist of precise illustrations and written content intended to advise and instruct the building, landscaping and other aspects of the development of a geographical area or site.

Design Codes vary in complexity depending on size of the new development, how many developers and design teams are involved, if the site has multiple ownership and if building is in several phases over a lengthy period. They are especially useful where consultation between the developers and members of the public is desirable. This is why DNA is promoting public involvement in consultations regarding the development of Convoys Wharf.

For more information, please visit the Neighbourhood Planning website.