OLD TIDEMILL WILDLIFE GARDEN & 2-30A Reginald Road under threat of Demolition

Old Tidemill School Garden (located in Reginald Road, SE8) is loved by All.  It is so rare to find a lovely nature space in the Deptford urban jungle that has so much bio-diversity:-spotted belly newts, foxes, stag beetles, butterflies, the parrots from Greenwich park who love to visit other bird life and masses of trees, plants etc – especially the beloved Indian Bean Tree, and a wonderful nature environment for children to play in and for the whole community to bask in its tranquility.
London Live, did another update on Tidemill Garden last week:
The local community needs all the help it can get to raise the £10.000 needed to take the Tidemill garden fight to judicial review at the end of this month.
The council want to demolish the Garden for a Development plan – and DNA want to create a new Development Plan which keeps the Garden at the centre of it and also keeps the 16 social homes known as Reginald House:
If you would like to support the Crowd Justice campaign please click on this link:
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