Crossfield Open Space Consultation open until 14th May


Location: Deptford Lounge
Date: Until Sunday 14
th May 

Lewisham Council has been working on a master plan that will inform the re-instatement of Crossfield Open Space post Tideway construction. Work will only start after completion of the Thames Tideway Tunnel, however, time for comment and voicing your views is NOW.

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In the late 1980s this site was designated as part of the Site of Nature Conservation Importance called St Paul’s churchyard and Crossfield Open Space. At this time the surrounding area supported many other wildlife habitats and green spaces – many of which today no longer exist.

The principal reason for the inclusion of Crossfield Open Space in the designation was the diversity of the grassland and the presence of one species known (at that time) only from here in the Borough, namely Fiddle Dock. Over a 160 species of wildflower live on this site.

CET has proposed the translocation of a proportion of the turf to conserve part of the site for later reinstatement. By doing this and with appropriate management it should be possible to restore this place back to a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation .

Creekside Discovery Centre – Activities coming up

Dear Andrea,

Mellow Yellow in May – despite the draught we are currently experiencing, we have some mellow yellow wildflowers appearing around the site.

This year we are hosting a series of Wildflowers Pop-ups to give you a chance to see more of the spectacular wildflowers at Creekside. Each Pop-up will have a defferent theme and focus species. Our upcoming Wildflower Pop-up (details below) theme is “Mellow Yellow in May” with a wild mixture of cabbages and coposites all really wild in a real London habitat. Hawk’s-beards, Rockets, Cresses, Ragworts and Buttercups; and don’t forget the three colours: white red and blue.

Below details on:
Wednesday 17th May – Wildflowers Pop-up Free event


Don’t miss our fantastic May Half-term activities for children and families:

30th May – Fishy Tuesday
Catch fish in Deptford Creek and then get stuck into creating fish themed crafts. Ages 5-14

1st June – Bugs & Birds.
Spot birds and hunt for grasshoppers, ladybirds and other small creatures. Then make a tasty snack for the local birds to enjoy. Ages 5-12

The cost of all our holiday activities are subsidised but we understand that this still may be too much for some families.
If you think that your family would love to come but are financially too restricted please apply for a discount under the event  on our website.

FREE EVENT: Wildflowers Pop-Up
Wednesday, 17th May, 6-8pm

Join us to discover more about May’s Mellow Yellow Flowers and find out more about our fascinating Deptford and inner London flora

No booking required. Further details can be found on our website:

May Holidays – Family Holiday Activities
Crossfield Open Space – Exhibition & Public Consultation
Hope Wharf – Exhibition & Public Consultation
Wildlife Spotlight – First glass eel and baby flounder.

DNA 1st Draft of Neighbourhood Plan

DNA’s 1st draft of a Neighbourhood Plan for Deptford NP-Roadmap-Pages-web

is being put together from the policies and projects produced by the working groups:

HOUSING – Andy Belfield (Architect – Public Works)

GREEN & OPEN SPACES (Green Infrastructure) – Roo Angell & Vanessa Celosse

LOCAL ECONOMY – Malcolm Cadman & Andrea Carey Fuller

HERITAGE – Richard Katona

HEALTH & WELL-BEING (includes Transport & Air Pollution) – Andrea Hughes

DNA Health & Well Being & Transport Policies final draft 2017_04_10

Draft Policy Green and Open Spaces V5

Draft Housing policies for DNA_Revision 5 – 04_04_2016

DNA Draft Heritage Policy v3.2

EconomicpolicyNPApril2017 – Ver 2





Update on Old Tidemill School Garden & Site:

Response to Jeff Endean, Sara Caton Council Officers & Steve Burton of SherryGreen Homes – sent on 9th May 2017:

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to meet with us since the deferment of this planning application on 29th September.   We were glad of the opportunity to engage with you, and the Developers and Architects as a result of the Councillors supporting the Community’s request for a Deferment in order for you to address the concerns raised regarding this site.

Having considered your new ‘design’ proposals for the open spaces on the Old Tidemill School site extensively, we feel that your efforts to ‘compensate’ for the loss of the former school garden’ are inadequate and something that we are simply unable to support. The Garden is just too valuable an asset for Deptford to lose, and what you are offering as an alternative, which amounts to nothing more than a highly designed pathway, between Reginald Road and Frankham Street is woefully insufficient.


We believe that the Garden, or in the minimum at least a substantial portion of it (85-90%) can, and must be accommodated within the current plans for the on-site development. Sadly, you have made it very clear that this is not something you are prepared to even consider. A re-hash of old plans for a couple of open public spaces, and re-designation of community land to private land on the Site, is not acceptable to the Community, and does not constitute genuine consultation.

We feel strongly that what has been offered is not an opportunity for the community to truly collaborate, as the design proposals are, in reality only for a small strip of public realm (as described above).   We are disappointed that there has not been a real debate about the future use of the garden. Thus, we feel further meetings would realistically be in nobody’s best interests. That being said, we would be more than happy to meet with you again if you are willing to look again at the spaces on the Site with the Community to agree where the new housing builds could go in order to save 85-90% of the wildlife/nature garden.

Finally, and leaving aside the issue of outstanding information, much of which we have now received (we will be in contact later this week regarding any outstanding points raised to date), we hope that it will be possible for constructive lines of communication via email to remain open. This is important to us, as we have not given up on the hope of reaching a genuine solution to the problems surrounding the Tidemills development before a return to the Strategic Planning Committee.

Old Tidemill meeting with councillor

The meeting covered strategic aspects of our approach to the council and developer. We were pleased to have the company of some of the local residents. Those in the next meeting with the council will ask for more time to present the case. We hope for a rejection of the developer’s proposal.

Watching a Strange Theatre – 21st April 6- 9pm

Watching a Strange Theatre

21 April – 12 May 2017. Opening event: 21 April 6–9pm

Deptford-based artists Lucie and Karolina were the recipients of the 2016 Deptford X Fringe award, in which they were chosen from around 80 projects to present a show in the DX Gallery in spring 2017.

Watching a Strange Theatre is a video and sculpture installation that transfers some of the features of the remarkable Old Tidemill Garden – a unique, collaboratively run community space in Deptford – into the vitrine-like gallery space of Deptford X.

The existence of the Old Tidemill Garden is threatened by planned local development. The garden is currently only open to the public on Saturdays, however, in this show, live streaming from the Old Tidemill Garden gives us the chance to see its active life in real time 24/7.

Join us for the opening event on Friday 21st April, and for two other special events:

6th May: Special event at Old Tidemill Garden, 12pm – 10pm
The garden will host live performances by Karolina Mikeskova & Lucie Kordacova, Business Dudes and Au bout l’eau, open air screening supported by Deptford Cinema and food provided by Deptford People Project.

10th May: Discussion event at Deptford X Space with speakers invited by the OTG. (Book tickets from


Inter Faith Walk for Peace

Take part in the Lewisham Inter Faith Walk For Peace 2017

On Sunday 21st May 2017, members of faith communities will participate in the 3rd Lewisham Inter Faith Walk For Peace.

This idea was born after the Charlie Hebdo atrocity in Paris, when it was felt that a sign of solidarity and friendship in partnership with all members of society was needed.

Organised by Lewisham Police and the faith leaders group, residents visit several religious places of worship in Lewisham.

This year will see attendees stop at Lewisham Synagogue, St Laurence Church, Lewisham Islamic Centre and Sivan Temple.

For more details, please contact John Biddle on 020 8284 8336 or email