Map update

Our favourite architect, Andrew Belfield, who happens to be helping with the Neighbourhood plan and map of the boundary, has created a Google map of the boundary to make it easier to move around and see if you are inside the area. It has been put into the constitution page for ease of use.

If you are interested in finding out about the area in detail, Andrew has found a useful resource providing statistics of the population inside the Deptford Neighbourhood Boundary.
Have a look.

Meeting 18th July – Consulting with local people and organisations

We’ve just been putting this email out to our members – if you would like to join, please fill out the form and come along.  You can just come along and join later if you want.

If you want the email sent to you, please email us.

Dear DNA members,

Thank you for supporting the creation of a neighbourhood forum in Deptford by joining DNA.

DNA (Deptford Neighbourhood Action) are holding another open public meeting to which you are warmly invited – please feel free to pass this invitation on to any people who may be interested:


TIME: 10 – 12AM

LOCATION: MEETING ROOM 1, DEPTFORD LOUNGE: 9 Giffin Street | London SE8 4RJ | 020 8314 7288

PURPOSE OF THE MEETING: To plan consultations with local people, groups and organisations to create a strategy for DNA – to draw up a list of places, community groups/services which people want to preserve and to find out what the specific needs are of our community for housing, leisure, health, community facilities etc

DNA membership is open to anyone 16+living, working or volunteering in Deptford – we would very much like to encourage the Young People of Deptford to have a stronger voice in the planning of their community, please encourage any young people you know to come along and join us on Saturday 18th July – the meeting will be run by a Locality Consultant: Angela Koch who will ask us all to contribute ideas of what we would like to see in the Deptford Locality.


Please pass along the invitation to the Community meeting above and the information below to anyone living, working or volunteering in Deptford who may also be interested in joining as a member – there is no cut off date for joining but ideally we are trying to encourage as many people as we can to sign up before the end of the this month:
Why a Neighbourhood Plan for Deptford? Once DNA is recognised by Lewisham and Greenwich Councils, we can apply for funding to develop a Neighbourhood Plan (which if approved) means that local people will have a greater say in shaping Deptford and have a stronger voice in planning applications proposals, and Community projects.

Final draft constitution and boundary map – its time to find your voice.

The past few days have been a blur with busy…after much text wrangling , crafting, sorting and sifting, we have a draft constitution and a boundary plan.

Comments are welcome; please email us if you have any problems, questions or corrections.

If you know anyone needing a paper version of the membership form, please call Andrea on 07917 162950.

We are hoping to have the application in by the end of the month and we would appreciate your support.



Meeting to discuss the Draft constitution – 16th May

As we are forming a community group, we need to have a constitution and people to chair meetings, be a treasurer etc.  So, we are having a meeting to discuss a draft constitution and start the process.

DNA meeting draft constitutionThe Constitution covers:

  1. The health of the local community; clean air, and carbon reductions to EU standards
  2. Safety for pedestrians and cyclists on roads and pathways
  3. The number and quality of new homes made available for local people on low incomes
  4. The amount of Green Spaces and Parks and the promotion of environmental education
  5. Support for small local businesses and market traders
  6. Promoting and protecting all forms of local heritage
  7. Fostering community cohesion and encouraging active citizenship.

The meeting will be at the Albany cafe in Douglas square on the 16th May from 3-4.30 pm. All are welcome!

Download a leaflet: DNA flier May 16, pass to friends!




Deptford Neighbourhood Action open meeting Saturday 18th April 3-5 pm

Dear Deptfordian,
We are a small group of people living and working in SE8 and have been working towards setting up a Neighbourhood Forum which can enable local people and groups to have a voice recognised by Lewisham Council. We would like to invite you to an event organised to try and find the community’s voice.

Angela Koch, an official consultant from Locality will introduce how Neighbourhood Forums work, and we will be asking people to put their organisation on the map and residents to sign up in support.

Have a look at our Proposed Boundary Map, and a short film about Neighbourhood Planning. There is also a Facebook page.​

Please feel free to forward this friends, colleagues and relatives, thanks!
Deptford Neighbourhood Action