UCL Master Reports

These reports were produced as part of the UCL Development Planning Unit (DPU) master programmes by the Urban Analysis Group.

B1: Fabrics and Landmarks

Relationship between the urban fabric and landmarks over time.

C1: Open and Public Spaces

Use and provision of open and public spaces in Deptford.

D1: Thresholds and Leftovers

Relevance of identity and place-making for future development.

E1: Culture and Economy

Change challenges the purchasing power of local residents.


Infraructures and spaces of mobility and immobility.

A1: Interweaving Deptford

Addressing the complex process of urban transformation.

B1: Reviving Connections

Realizing the social potential of Deptford’s public realm to foster a sense of community.

C1: Navigating Change Together

Identify and prioritise the most important aspects for community empowerment.

B2: Fabrics and Landmarks

Integrating historical landmarks with new urban development.

A2: Housing and Dwelling

How the gentrification process affects the local community.

C2: Open and Public Spaces

Potential implications for public and open spaces in Deptford.

D2: Thresholds and Leftovers

Are leftovers and thresholds spaces both present and absent.

E2: Culture and Economy

Conflicts and possibilities in regenerating Deptford.

F2: Infrastucture and Mobility

Residents and workers concerns about safety and securitisation.

A2: Connecting the Dots

Negative effects of gentrification inherent in development projects.

B2: Development Brief Report

Encouraging the emergence of a spatially, socially and historically reconnected landscape.

Healthy Deptford

What makes an urban community healthy for existing and future residents.

Just Space

Just SpaceJust Space is a network of local and London wide metropolitan groups campaigning to improve public participation in the planning process of developing sites in London, especially the London Plan. If you are interested in joining Just Space click here.

How to Get Trees Planted

Street Trees for Living LogoPlanting a tree should be on everyone’s bucket list and fortunately Lewisham Council has made this easier to do by allowing tree-lovers to sponsor new planting. Tree-lovers must first contribute to the cost of planting and then agree to water and keep an eye on a tree for two years. This is not just for individuals, but is open to groups and organisations too.

You can register your interest here.

Youth Services

Youth First awarded £3M

Youth First logoLewisham Council has awarded £3M in a 3 year contract to social enterprise Youth First to take over running its youth services.


Second Wave Youth Arts

Is a youth outreach programme offering space and a venue for young musicians in Deptford Methodist Mission, 1st Floor, Deptford Methodist Mission, 1 Creek Road, Deptford, SE8 3BT

For young people aged between 12 and 24 to develop their artistic skills.

For more information click here.

  • drama
  • singing
  • dance
  • rap/lyrics
  • new writing
  • music
  • visual arts and production

Riverside Youth Club

Riverside Youth Club, Grove Street, Deptford, SE8 3QQ

Help SAVE Riverside and unlock £830K investment.